Nawate Harutaka (2021)


2017年リリースの『Fifteen』 以来となる待望のフルアルバム!得意のマルチプレイヤーぶりを発揮しつつ、今作では同世代の仲間と共に創り上げた。
多様なジャンルに挑戦した完全オリジナル曲を9曲収録(前作に収録の「Goodbye」,「Wind of Winter」のリテイクバージョンを含む)。
作詞作曲/レコーディング・ミックスダウン/プロデュース : Nawate Harutaka
マスタリング:Soyama Ryoichi, at Soyama Guitar Studio
ジャケット撮影: Yamada Satomi

The long-awaited full album since “Fifteen” released in 2017!
While demonstrating his strength as a multiplayer, this work was created with his friends of the same young generation.
Includes 9 completely original songs that challenged various genres (including retake versions of “Goodbye” and “Wind of Winter” recorded in the previous work).
Lyrics・Composition / Recording・Mixdown / Produce: Nawate Harutaka
Mastering: Soyama Ryoichi, at Soyama Guitar Studio
Photography: Yamada Satomi

One Third Of My Eperiment (2018)

Nawate Harutaka名義に変更した今作では、24トラックのマルチトラックレコーダー(Zoom R24)を使用。
留学でオーストラリアに滞在した際に書いた「Goodbye 」や、高校の通学路である中島公園を題材にした「Wind of Winter」、学校生活で出会った気になる留学生に向けて書いた「You’ve Got A Friend」など作詞の部分でメッセージが全面に表現されている。

A mini album containing 4 original songs.
This work, which has been renamed to Nawate Harutaka, uses a 24-track multi-track recorder (Zoom R24).
“Goodbye” written when I stayed in Australia for study abroad, “Wind of Winter” based on Nakajima Park, which is a high school school route, “You’ve Got A Friend” written about a international student girl I met in school life, every message of the lyrics are expressed clearly more than the previous album.
Also, the recorded song “Reason” won the Excellence Award in the original category at the Kobunren Hokkaido Music Tournament.

Green (2017)

Like the previous album, the second album in the name of Harutaka.
5 original songs including instrumental number.
Comparing to the last album, the electric guitar is brought refreshingly.

Fifteen (2017)


当時15歳、若きシンガーソングライター Harutaka による、完全オリジナル15曲収録のファーストアルバム。
The first album with 15 completely original songs by 15-year-old Harutaka, a young singer-songwriter.
Independent production by actual performance, recording, mixdown and mastering.
“So I can make an album, too!” A timeless masterpiece filled with a his strong inquisitive mind!