He ya

He ya, you alive?
Reply to me, please
Though I don’t know how you’re feeling now
I think of you as precious
So reply to me
I’m just worried about you

He ya, how are you?
Let me hear you, please
I heard you are in times of trouble now
I wanna catch up with you
So let me hear you
If that’s all right with you

The days without you were so boring for me
Walking through the places we went together before
A movie theater, a park near our school, and McDonald’s
Remembering the days we used to go and play
After all, I need you for my life

He ya, are you ready?
Won’t you come together please?
Everyone is waiting for you come now
I am always next to you
So won’t you come together?
We’re not afraid of anything

From the Album: Green
Release Date: May, 2017